Hi, I'm @rrreeeyyy
Software Engineer
Currently working as CTO at Topotal, Inc , where we build platforms for SRE and DevOps.

CTO @ Topotal, Inc

From 2021/06 - Present

Software Engineer (Site Reliability) @ Cookpad Inc

From 2017/01 to 2021/05

Operations Engineer / Software Engineer @ HEARTBEATS Corporation

From 2014/04 to 2016/12

Part-time Operations Engineer @ HEARTBEATS Corporation

From 2010/11 to 2014/03


The University of Electro-Communications

From 2010/04 to 2014/03

Department of Computer and Network Engineering / Information and Communication Systems Program



From 2021/03 - Present

e34 is a podcast hosted by @deeeet and @rrreeeyyy. We talk about infrastructure, SRE, and platform engineering. The podcast name e34 stands for the number of 'e' in the host's account name.

Talks / Writes